Wiretap: The latest mass shooting comes to a small Baptist church in rural Texas

A small Baptist church in rural Texas is the latest site of a mass shooting, in which 26 have died and more than 20 were wounded. The shooter, using what authorities called a Ruger military-style rifle, had faced an Air Force court-martial in 2012 on charges of assaulting his wife and child. The Sunday shooting took place on the eighth anniversary of the attack on Fort Hood, Texas, in which 13 had died. Via The New York Times.

“They’re all shot.” One Sutherland Springs family loses three members in the Texas church shooting. Via The Dallas Morning News.

The man who exchanged gunfire with Devin Patrick Kelly, the Texas church gunman, and the two who tracked him down after the attack. Via San Antonio Express-News.

The injuries to Rand Paul were far more severe than originally reported. In the attack by a neighbor, Paul suffered five rib fractures. Via The Washington Post.

NBC News is reporting that Robert Mueller has enough evidence to bring charges against Michael Flynn, Donald Trump’s one-time National Security Adviser.

The Trump administration releases a report from a range of government agencies saying that human activity is the driving force behind climate change and that there is “no convincing alternative explanation.” The report, called the National Climate Assessment, is directly at odds, of course, with Trump White House doctrine. Via The Washington Post.

If you think the year since Trump was elected has been a roller coaster, wait till next year. With the Mueller investigation comes the crisis. Via The New Yorker.

From The National Review, Mathew Continetti writes how class realignment broke the Democrats.

Photo by Sean Freese, via Flickr: Creative Commons