News Poetry: Hating Hillary

My sister starts a story she heard       from a wealthy
Miami restaurateur                 leans close

this is before Clinton’s success in politics      in Arkansas
whispers     the man who told me dated     Bill’s mother

knew how she hated her          daughter-in-law to-be
even young      Hillary        understood she could not become
president         because she was        female

but could become, would become     Mrs. President      she snared Bill
(and she’s a lesbian)         the word spit like

putrefying flesh              married him     ignored      his peccadillos
she gulps her wine      growls      as if these stories involved her

husband      who fooled around for years      a topic we
absolutely avoid       Hillary pushed him up
the political ladder         was involved, too, in the death plots

in Arkansas          evil         too much ambition for a woman
a murderer, a lesbian           evil    evil    evil

her vitriol triggers recognition      she’s      the demographic
(fifty-five percent of college-educated women)

voted for Trump      insist      their choice had nothing to do with
whiteness      his promise to protect          America
and the little woman

my sister and I were raised on identical pabulum: Cinderella
Snow White         Rapunzel          rescue tales saved by a prince

I sip my wine knowing        she swallowed the
happily ever after


Photo credit: Charisma Jonesford, Creative Commons, Flickr 

Gail Waldstein is the author of the memoir, To Quit this Calling: Firsthand Tales of a Pediatric Pathologist, and numerous other poems and short stories. She was a fellow of the Rocky Mountain Women’s Institute, the Colorado Council on the Arts and the Helene Wurlitzer Foundation. She lives in Denver, Colorado.


  1. War-Monger Mafia Queen Hilary lost the Presidency , not because she is a woman, but because she is the most corrupt politician in US history. She was expected to be the NWO Queen to fully bring in the Communist/Marxist Globalist world govt. The people did not want her agenda. She was a Horrible Candidate. Period. She is also a ‘sore loser’ and can’t stop whining and blaming others for why she lost. SHE was the reason she lost.

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