2018 Who’s funding Greg Lopez’s campaign?

Updated using June 18 campaign finance report

Contributions to campaign: $32,729, with about $13,000 of it coming out of his own pocket, according to the National Institute on Money in State Politics.

Balance after expenses: $18,780

Contributions to independent expenditure committee on behalf of candidate: n/a

General donor profile

Total raised from large contributors ($1,000 to the maximum allowable $1,150): n/a.  All of the campaign contributions came in donations ranging from $575 to ten bucks.

Total raised from out-of-state contributors: $2,884 from 23 donors.  These donations amount to 9 percent of the overall campaign contributions.

Top sectors associated with donors:

General business: eight donations totaling $2420

Real Estate: two donations totaling $775

Construction/Engineering: two donations totaling $675

Companies with greatest number of donors and/or donations:

Most donors — 76 percent of them — did not list any employment information, and their contributions totaled $19,686.  Of those that did list employment information, only six people listed a company or organization, and the rest identified themselves as self-employed, retired, “friend,” or business owner.

Data compiled by Shannon Mullane from June 18, 2018 campaign disclosure statements, which are the most recent candidate filings with the Colorado Secretary of State. The next filing deadline is July 2. 
**Independent expenditure committees can accept unlimited contributions, but how such committees spend that money cannot be controlled or coordinated by the candidate.

The research on the donations to the major candidates for governor of Colorado from both parties was conducted by graduate students in the precision journalism class at the University of Colorado at Boulder. The instructor is Burt Hubbard, former database reporter for the Rocky
Mountain News, Denver Post and Rocky Mountain PBS. The students providing the research are: Giselle Cesin, Amanda Clark, Crystal Eilerman, Joseph Getty, Anne Henning, Rey-Lynn Little, Shannon Mullane, Heather Sackett and Jentry Womack.

Photo credit: Tom Skelley, Colorado Community Media