2018 Governor’s Race Candidate Questionnaire

The Colorado Independent this year sent a questionnaire to each of the 2018 candidates for Colorado governor. The questionnaire consisted of 20 yes/no questions, plus some follow-ups and room for short answers. Of the 19 candidates running, 13 answered the questionnaire in full. Two candidates, Democrats Jared Polis and Donna Lynne, would not answer any yes/no questions but provided short-answer responses. Democrat Cary Kennedy and Republican Doug Robinson answered most, but not all, of the yes/no’s. Republicans Cynthia Coffman and Walker Stapleton chose not to respond to the questionnaire at all.

The answers to the yes/no questions are below — toggle between Democrats, Republicans and Also Filed using the tabs at the bottom of the sheet. Click a candidate’s name to read their full responses.


[highlight color=”yellow”] * [/highlight]= short-answer only

[highlight color=”black”]   [/highlight] = no response

Photo credit: Dave Crosby, Creative Commons, Flickr