Wiretap: Trump is all over the map on immigration while Dreamers are stuck in limbo

As it becomes increasingly less clear what exactly the president is willing to sign in a bipartisan bill to address the plight of the Dreamers, House conservatives are making it increasingly more clear they’re not interested in doing anything remotely bipartisan. Meanwhile, as the Dreamers wait for someone to do something, they find themselves stuck somewhere in limbo. Via The New York Times.

Trump says at every opportunity that there’s no evidence of collusion between his campaign and Russia and that no one thinks there’s any collusion and that the entire matter is a Democratic hoax to explain away, you know, the Electoral College. But as we watch Robert Meuller, it looks like the real danger for Trump may not be collusion, but obstruction of justice. Via Vox.

Dutch journalists burn Trump’s new ambassador to the Netherlands over his comments that politicians there had been literally “burned” by the “Islamist movement.” The ambassador, Pete Hoekstra, was asked directly several times which politician had been burned. He couldn’t answer, of course, because it had never happened. Via The Washington Post.

Isaac Chotiner slams “Fire and Fury” in a review for Slate, charging that the shoddy journalism in the book is an indictment of both author Michael Wolff and of the entire Washington media ecosystem.

Susan Glasser takes us inside the insider world of Washington where, she explains, Michael Wolff never even tried to go, starting with that now-famous Ivanka breakfast at the Four Seasons. Via The New Yorker.

Frank Rich says that while it’s true Wolff does have just the kinds of errors you’d expect from him in “Fire and Fury,” he’d much rather read Wolff’s take than another of Bob Woodward’s nice-to-his-sources, just-the-facts-ma’am White House tomes. Via New York magazine.

You may be wondering how the Trump administration could decide to exempt Florida, and only Florida, from its decision to expand offshore drilling to all states that have a shore. If so, you’re wondering the same thing that a lot of other governors, both Democrat and Republican, are wondering. Let the lawsuits begin. Via The Washington Post.

From The National Review, George F. Will makes the argument that college meritocracy can be unfair and that “nuanced” admissions policies are needed. Sounds a lot like affirmative action to me.

How would Trump perform if it turns out that he is deposed by Robert Mueller? One thing we know is that he has had lots of experience with depositions. Trump says he has done more than 100 of them. Via The Atlantic.

California congressman Darrell Issa is soon to be gone, and a lot of other Republicans in the House aren’t feeling too good themselves. Via Real Clear Politics.

Play along with the experts at the Cook Political Report, who explain how to measure whether there will be a wave election in 2018. (Spoiler: There almost certainly will be.)

Photo by Tony Webster, via Flickr: Creative Commons. Border Field State Park / Imperial Beach, San Diego, California. The fence between the USA and Mexico along the Pacific Ocean just south of San Diego.