News Poetry: A Dream Ends

I drop my tool belt loaded with hammer, nails, tape measure, my family’s picture
at Christmas. As I am shuffled to the car images come to me: of my two year-
old shrieking her welcome as she wraps her little arms round my legs; of my
eldest, now at university, so proud of her, of me for getting her there; of the
eyes of my wife, my lover still, when I tell her I won’t be coming home. The
littlest will forget, the eldest’s heart will be forever heavy, mi amor will be
broken. Every cell in my body collides into every other, crescendoing into
unbearable motion. Silently I say, “adios.”


Winter leaves bare space
snow-filled air freezes ghost white
icicles shatter


Photo credit: Tnarik Innael, Creative Commons, Flickr
Karen Betstadt is vice-president of Foothills Columbine Poetry Society. The sun slowly slips behind dull grey light sealed clouds the rose blooms bright red


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