Protestors blocking entrances at Colorado ICE headquarters will stay ‘until they get rid of us’

Jeanette Vizguerra

Protestors who support abolishing the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency are blockading entrances to an ICE field office south of Denver in a demonstration against family separation and other alleged mistreatment of undocumented immigrants.

Several law enforcement officers, including some with Homeland Security and others in military-style get-up, are keeping close watch. Some have told protestors they risk arrest if they keep blocking the entrances.

Protestors have been here since Sunday. The blockade began around 11 a.m. today.

There is no one organization behind the demonstration, a spokeswoman named Jen Piper said. Rather, it’s a diverse group of concerned citizens who call themselves Abolish ICE Denver.

“We’re sick and tired of ICE separating our families and deporting our people,” said demonstrator Ana Rodriguez, an organizer with the Denver-base Colorado People’s Alliance. “It’s not just happening at the border— that’s a crisis that really just let the rest of the American people know what’s going on.”

Families have been separated for decades, she said.

“Those decisions are made here at the Denver field office and that’s why we’re here shutting them down, telling them they can’t separate another family,” Rodriguez added. “We’re gonna be here until they get rid of us. We’ll be here until they stop separating families.”

As of Thursday afternoon, several dozen protestors were present, including eight who formed blockades at the two separate driveways of the ICE office building, located in Centennial.

Rodriguez said they are prepared for police to arrest them if need be.

This is a developing story that will be updated.

Photo of demonstrator Jeanette Vizguerra by Phil Cherner. 


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