Colorado Democrats doubled Republicans in party registration last month

Photo by Nan Palmero for Creative Commons on Flickr

In the month before ballots drop in Colorado, Democrats registered twice as many voters than Republicans while those who don’t want to join either party continued to outpace both.

Last month, Democrats picked up 14,029 registered active voters while Republicans gained 6,411, according to the latest figures. At the same time, 28,039 Coloradans registered as unaffiliated voters in the past month.

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As of Sept. 30, there were 1,007,948 registered active Democrats in Colorado and 979,204 registered active Republicans. There were also 1,236,592 unaffiliated active voters registered. All active registered voters will get ballots in their mail for the Nov. 6 midterm elections. Those ballots will begin hitting mailboxes on Oct. 15 and will include the race for governor, attorney general, secretary of state, Congress, and the legislature, and more. Voters will also get to weigh in on 13 questions asking whether they want to change state laws or the state Constitution.

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“It’s clear evidence that voters are rejecting the GOP agenda — especially when you combine these numbers with today’s poll showing unaffiliateds swinging heavily Democratic,” says Eric Walker, spokesman for the Colorado Democratic Party. “But we’re not taking a single vote for granted — we’re going to work hard every day to turn out the vote and elect Democrats up and down the ballot in November.”

Four years ago, during the last big election, including a race for governor, the roles were reversed with registered active Republicans outnumbering Democrats. At that time there were 949,029 Republicans versus 894,332 Dems. The number of unaffiliated voters back then was 1,032,290.

“Our candidates are working to earn the support of every voter in Colorado, regardless of party affiliation,” says Daniel Cole, spokesman for the Colorado GOP. “Ultimately, the only tally that matters is the one on election day.”

For more context on these numbers, read our six takeaways from the post-primary election data to get a sense of where unaffiliated voters might swing in November.

As for third parties in Colorado, at the end of last month, there were 38,356 active Libertarians and 9,567 active Green Party members. There were 1,189 members of the Unity Party, too.

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  1. While at first glance those numbers are encouraging, one has to remember that history has shown that a large portion of those unaffiliated voters are just embarrassed Republicans too ashamed to admit as much.

    I fear this phenomenon will be exacerbated this year by the record-setting unpopularity of the Comrade in Chief. Thus it may be the case that the dems registration victory isn’t quite as decisive as it may appear.

    On the other hand, I also think that many of Bernie’s supporters are still pouting and also might have cause to refrain from declaring allegiance to a party.

  2. This being the direct result of millions of people leaving their home State due to the destructive policies put into place by the politicians they elected in the first place. These people then seem to have moved to Colorado and went right back to voting for leftist politicians who will proceed to ruin Colorado with their destructive policies and the cycle continues. Ask the majority of people here for the last 20 -30 years if they think Colorado is better or worst overall since the mass influx of people in the 90s 2000s.

  3. Corey, we’ve had this discussion before, about how to properly calculate how many registered Greens we have,

    As of the report produced by SoS on Monday, we have a total of 12, 517.

    Would you please make the correction? Thanks.

  4. I think that one thing that people need to realize is that no matter who is in charge, you’re going to be unhappy about it. You’re going to claim that taxes are too high, that no one in government is listening to you, that it’s all rigged against you. These things may be true, and some of them are without question, but remember one thing: When democrats are in charge, at least things suck LESS for the rest of us. The screwing slows down a little bit, and we have time to at least have a cigarette before the idiots vote in republicans again. Yeah, you get shafted by both parties in one way or another, but at least with democrats it’s slower and you TEND to get something to show for it at the end of the day. You’d think that people would at least be smart enough after not only republican obstruction and obnoxiousness being on display for the last 40+ years to get that they AREN’T on your side.

    Vote like your life depends on it. IT DOES.

  5. So Stephen Maio it’s clearly the fault of the lefties that people are moving to Colorado. I just knew it ! Maybe we should make Colorado more like a sucky red state, and they’d leave. Aspiring to be more like Mississippi is a novel and interesting economic and social theory.

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