News Poetry: Off Script at the Phone Bank

Photo credit: Fabrice Florin, Creative Commons, Flickr


You don’t know me
You weren’t expecting me
You may not want to talk or listen
You may not even have the time
But here I am–
On the other end of the line
On the other side of town
But hopefully not
On the other of caring,
                and hope

I’m calling ’cause I care and
I hope that you do too
I’m calling to find out if
You know that we’re
                in the same boat
Will you take an oar or paddle?
Will you bail if we take on water?
Will you see us to the shoreline?
I’m calling for your help because
the storm that’s coming scares me, and
I hope you see the danger rising in the
                the roiling of the waters

I’m calling to find an ally, a supporter
                a friend of progress,
                not of conquest
Who knows it takes compassion
                to build a better world
I’m calling you because I believe
You are that person
That empathetic someone who will
                rise to the occasion.


Michael Sindler, a native of South Carolina, has called Denver home for over a decade He is a writer whose work crosses genres and includes fiction, non-fiction, memoir, poetry, theatre, and songwriting. His work has been published in various Denver based print and web venues and he has collaborated with and participated in a number of media bridging projects and productions with museums and arts organization throughout the region.