Republicans lead in early ballot returns in Colorado. Only 159,312 people have voted so far.

This story is from Oct. 23, and is about the very first data set of ballot returns. The following day, on Oct. 24, the numbers had changed. Democrats overtook Republicans by 390 votes out of 257,874 votes cast. You can read that story here

Republicans in Colorado have cast 2,245 more votes than Democrats in the past week, leading the very early vote count, according to data released today by the Secretary of State.

Voters turned in a total of 159,312 ballots by Oct. 23 at around 8:30 a.m., a small sample that might mean little when trying to draw any conclusions thus far. There are 3,282,947 active voters in Colorado who received ballots last week. Election Day is Nov. 6.

So far, 57,695 Republicans have voted versus 55,450 Democrats and 44,300 unaffiliated voters.

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Voters between the ages of 61 and 70 voted more than any other age group so far — to the tune of 45,148 votes. Meanwhile, only 4,940 voters between the ages of 18 and 25 have already turned in their ballots. Men have out-voted women with 81,911 men turning in their ballots early versus 76,517 women.

Around this time in 2016, it was Democrats who took the early lead in ballot returns but with a larger sample size of around 290,00 voters.

While more Republicans are voting early here, Colorado Democrats last month doubled Republicans in voter registration, picking up 14,029 active voters while Republicans gained 6,411.

Leading the early vote returns is conservative El Paso County, where 25,985 people have already voted. In Arapahoe County, 23,721 people have cast their ballots, followed by Jefferson County with 19,183. In Boulder County, 13,149 people have voted versus 9,015 in Denver.

Here’s the breakdown for 2018’s earliest ballot returns:


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