Keefe: Borderline

Mike Keefe
By Mike Keefe


  1. Keefe, you’ve been crushing it since the RMN, but you’re hitting it out of the park lately. Pulling no punches. Good for you. There is something to be said for being comfortable enough in your own skin (that’s a euphemism for being old) to be a follower of DGAF’ism.


  2. Clearly biased. A well regulated militia is a reference to previous structures of military before there was such well established national armed forces. The artist does not even know what he’s talking about and is playing on the ignorance of those whom do not understand Posse Comitatus and historical reference for why a well regulated militia is essential for protection of rights for citizens of the commonwealth. As the act was not sanctioned by the government, the reference is illogical at best. Can we see the inside of the building please to determine if there were any effectively armed citizens able to defend themselves?

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