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Rachel and Forest

Dear readers,

As interns for The Colorado Independent this fall, we have a unique window into what the publication is all about.

Forest Wilson, a journalism and political science student at Metro State University, was drawn to The Indy’s commitment to deeply nuanced reporting. The opportunities the editors have given him to explore policy and its actual impacts on real people have been invaluable. The team has helped him dig into all the complexities of an issue – the seemingly dull minutiae of policies and documents – and pull out the human cost and interest. And to do so in an honest way, showing opposing views and voices, and presenting facts as they are.

Forest, who wants to be a correspondent in the Middle East, was lucky enough to speak with an Iraqi refugee and hear her story while covering immigration policy. The editors were committed to seeing him succeed in telling the stories he is passionate about and that are important to the community.

“The environment [at The Indy] nurtures great reporting and that shows in the quality of the stories,” Forest said.

For me, it’s The Indy’s mission that sets it apart.

After a short career in engineering and a long stint as a stay-at-home parent, I’m studying journalism at Arapahoe Community College. Inspired by The Colorado Independent’scommitment “to amplify the voices for Coloradans whose stories are unheard,” I applied for a photojournalism position with the site. I wanted the opportunity to learn from the best, The Indy’s veteran reporters and columnists, and to serve Coloradans alongside them.

Every day, we get to watch and listen and ask questions for you. When I am covering aprotest or political event, I stand there in your place, absorbing all I can. Without needing a subscription or paywall, you have free access to what I’ve seen, heard, written and photographed in your stead. We report to tell your stories and to keep you informed.

We do this with readers’ financial support. Your tax-deductible donations make the unheard heard. And they make it possible for award-winning journalists to instruct and mentor the next generation of journalists.

Now that support can be tripled. For every dollar you donate before the end of the year, a generous Indy reader will match it, and so will NewsMatch, a consortium of foundations that supports independent newsrooms. We encourage you to schedule a donation ahead of Tuesday’s Colorado Gives Day. It’s the perfect time to make your contribution and ensure your stories — our stories as Coloradans — continue to be told.

Thank you,

Rachel Lorenz

Rachel Lorenz is a intern for The Colorado Independent and a student at Arapahoe Community College. Her desire to tell the stories of other people led her back to school and into journalism. Born in Iowa, Rachel spent two decades in the Midwest, two decades in the South and is now giving the West a try. She loves food, books and Colorado’s golden light.