News Poetry: The winner of my discontent

(with apologies to The Bard)

News Poetry
Graphic by Twitter Trends 2019, Creative Commons, Flickr
You are the winner of my discontent
Self-aggrandizing slumlord from New York
Crowd size pretender in the White House
Now are we bound to be ruled over by thieves?
Puny hands held up as monuments
ring stern alarm bells over Russian meetings
This dreadful march to deflect attention
Demanding walls to shift perception’s front
away from treason and illicit deeds
Profaning falsely honest adversaries
You twitter, each new morn’s pronouncement stranger
To the laviscious pleasing of Fox News
But I, that am not blinded by your tricks
Nor oblivious to your lack of class
I, that of your rudeness rants, and want fair Hillary
To be put in place of a wanton blimp
I, that am enraged by your gross distortion
Cheated into high office, you dissembling faker
Deformed, unworthy lump of fetid slime
Into this government, with clown’s makeup,
So incompetent and irrational
That foes laugh at you when you tweet at them;
Why, I, in time of fading hopes of Peace
Have no wish but to see you serve time
Prove you a spy, and when impeachment’s done
expose your sins in their enormity
And therefore, since I am not cop or lawyer,
I entreat Robert Mueller to find ways
For you in court to be proved a villain
And cease the downward spiral of these days
Plots have you laid, collusions dangerous
Treasonous policies, treacherous schemes
To set your master Putin as the king,
Let democracy be rent asunder:
If Congress be once more made true and just
As you are crooked, false and treacherous,
This day should Mueller prove the jig is up,
Reveal conspiracy, which says that thee
A traitor, now the prisoner shall be.
Pence too, his manhood sold: here
Mueller comes.
Michael Sindler, a native of South Carolina, has called Denver home for over a decade He is a writer whose work crosses genres and includes fiction, non-fiction, memoir, poetry, theatre, and songwriting. His work has been published in various Denver based print and web venues and he has collaborated with and participated in a number of media bridging projects and productions with museums and arts organization throughout the region.


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