Littwin: The Trump Senate impeachment trail, Day 11

In 2016, the first comprehensive restoration of the Capitol Dome in more than half a century was completed. (Photo credit: Architect of the Capitol.
In 2016, the first comprehensive restoration of the Capitol Dome in more than half a century was completed. (Photo credit: Architect of the Capitol via Flickr: Creative Commons.

As Democrats waited in vain Monday night to get results from the Iowa caucuses, the Trump impeachment trial — which is now in its final stages — was, of course, over before the day began.

Still, there were closing arguments to make on Day 11, and the House managers did their best to make it look as if they weren’t going through the motions. Rep. Jason Crow, the freshman from Colorado’s 6th CD who was a surprise pick to be a House manager, got the role because it was felt he could lean on his experience as a combat veteran who served in both Afghanistan and Iraq and who was awarded the Bronze Star.

But in his last argument, he leaned on his experience as a father of two, and his knowledge of, yes, Harry Potter. Crow read from the copies of the Constitution he had given his children. Yes, his children have their own copies of the Constitution, which Crow said he kept with him during the trial. But it was Harry Potter that made the news.

Crow said he tells his kids that they may not always be the fastest or the strongest, but to quote Professor Dumbledore (apparently from “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”): “It is our choices that show who we truly are, far more than our abilities.”

“This trial will soon be over,” Crow went on to say. “But there will be many choices for all of us in the days ahead, the most pressing of which is how each of us will decide to fulfill our oath. More than our words, our choices will show the world who we really are.”

The final vote will be Wednesday, a day after Trump’s State of the Union speech, when Trump is certain to be acquitted. The question is whether any Republican vote to convict (or Democrat to acquit).

Adam Schiff asked the question this way to the GOP members: “Every single vote, even a single vote, by a single member, can change the course of history. It is said that a single man or woman of courage makes a majority. Is there one among you who will say, ‘Enough’?”


  1. Yesterday’s propaganda emailing from the White House began:

    The Senate heard closing arguments today on House Democrats’ sham impeachment. Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) and his team claim their case is as simple as “two plus two equals four.” But nothing in their phony impeachment adds up—unless the math is 0+0=0. Roll the tape: None of this began with a phone call. After trying to impeach this President for over 3 years, here is their “case”:
    Zero crimes. ,,,
    Zero wrongdoing. ,,,
    Zero bipartisan support. ,,,

    Yep, the email is certain Ukraine showed perfect actions of a perfect President..

    If the Republicans in Congress do not agree, they need to clarify their stance. If the Republican Senators do not want more of the same, they need to communicate a message to the *resident and his enablers.

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