Littwin: Since when did Jared Polis become the rare Democrat that Trump can applaud?

Why there’s nothing normal about Donald Trump and Jared Polis making nice at the White House

It’s no secret that we live in uncertain times, but, even so, I was pretty sure of at least one thing — that I’d never see Jared Polis at the White House drawing unfiltered praise from Donald Trump as the cameras rolled.

It’s pretty clear what Trump was thinking, although one should be humble when trying to read the mind of a president who announces, or more likely lies, that he uses hydroxychloroquine to ward off coronavirus.

Trump saw in Polis a Democratic governor who had opened his state’s economy early, if with many restrictions. (Come on, Polis didn’t go all Brian Kemp on us.) And here was a rare Democrat — and Polis was the only Democrat in the room — Trump could safely applaud.

It wasn’t exactly an obvious pairing.  I never heard Polis go out of his way to flatter Trump, which is the surest way to his heart. And Polis did complain loudly

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  1. I think it’s incredibly classy for the Colorado Independent to allow Mr. Littwin’s Colorado Sun columns (albeit truncated) to appear in the CI.

    So to Susan Greene, Tina Griego and everyone at the CI: Thanks.

    • Thank you, Mr. Lopez That is a mutual decision and thanks go to our colleagues at The Sun as well. They want Mike’s readers to be able to find him.


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