Littwin: Why Cory Gardner’s rebellion ended before it began

We’re left to imagine what it might have looked like with Gardner manning the Senate floor ramparts.

It is fair to assume that Cory Gardner — whose name rarely appears without the notation that his Senate seat is in serious jeopardy this November — is growing increasingly worried. And now, as the kids say, we have the receipts.

On Wednesday, as you may have heard, Gardner drew an Obama-in-Syria-like line in the sand. A day later, Gardner quickly erased it, just as Mitch McConnell was preparing to stomp all over it.

The Gardner rebellion, as I like to call it, lasted less than a day. It began with a series of tweets — what else? — from Gardner saying that the Senate’s Memorial Day recess was “unfathomable” in light of the coronavirus crisis and the economic crisis it has spawned. There was much work to be done, Gardner tweeted, and he was prepared to call out McConnell — although failing to mention McConnell by name — on the Senate floor, doing whatever he could to halt the weeklong recess.

Whatever you think of Gardner’s politics …

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