Littwin: Colorado’s legislature is where you’ll find the real unmasking scandal

Restaurants can reopen, but will diners return? Americans debate whether to place their faith in scientists or politicians

It should come as no surprise that the decision to reopen the country — responsibly in the case of some governors, Brian Kemp-like in the case of others — has somehow become less a health issue than a political issue. Nothing, including the approach of 100,000 Americans dead of COVID-19, changes that.

That’s the world Jared Polis enters every time he decides to liberalize the rules in reopening businesses.

On Monday, Polis announced the reopening of in-room dining for restaurants — with strict guidelines, of course — while rejecting the opening of bars and also while forcing breweries, if they want to be open to customers, to change their food-service model. It’s a tightrope, and the science — as The Washington Post noted — is not always as helpful as one would hope, even for a data-driven governor like Polis.

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