Littwin: Do you really think Trump would send Blackhawk helicopters to Colorado?

Michael Hancock, Jared Polis say Denver is not Little Rock, and Trump is no modern-day Eisenhower

I’m going to go out on a limb here and predict that Donald Trump, the would-be authoritarian, is not going to send out the troops to police America’s streets. Not yet anyway.

Which is not to say that Trump’s little foray into obscure early 19th-century law to justify the use of the U.S. Army against its own people isn’t scary as hell. Trump went all in, using desperate bully-boy tactics, in which he flirted with, let’s be honest, something very like martial law.

Is he worried that given our current version of hell — a still-raging pandemic, an economy in tatters and now countrywide protests of the police killing of George Floyd — there might be murmurs coming even from Trump’s loyalist base?


As the narcissist-in-chief shows himself from behind the curtain, he gives a glimpse of how far he might from here to Election Day and, if he loses, well beyond.


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