Littwin: It’s been a long time coming, but is change really on the way?

Polls show Americans support George Floyd protesters and agree cops need to change

There are certain moments in history. Something happens — a handcuffed man screams that he can’t breathe, the cop presses his knee ever more firmly against his neck, and the cop, I swear, looks so unbothered, so this-is-what-I-can-do-and-you-can’t-stop-me calm, ignoring those onlookers who plead for George Floyd’s life, while still pinning his knee on Floyd’s neck minutes even after Floyd is unresponsive and apparently dead — and people are sickened and disgusted and pained and, most of all, moved to act.

This seems like such a moment.

It was more than just the horror in that eight-minute, forty-six second video in which we saw the cop snuffing out a man’s life for no reason, for allegedly passing a forged $20 bill. It’s the lack of expression, the utter lack of empathy, the — to use the modern term — privilege on Derek Chauvin’s, the Minneapolis cop’s, face that does me in.

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  1. Two and a half months later, and I’m still sickened at the thought of it, at the memory of the scene at the corner where I used to catch the bus to go to high school. Too many cops have the same attitude: “Here’s what I can do, and you can’t stop me.” Yes we can! And we will.

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