Littwin: Could Colorado’s Senate primary become a real race after all?

John Hickenlooper has had a very tough few weeks. If Andrew Romanoff can’t benefit, this could be his last roundup.

Here’s a question I never thought I’d ask myself or anyone else: Could Andrew Romanoff possibly upset John Hickenlooper in the U.S. Senate primary?

I don’t ask this question lightly, and it’s probably safe to assume, as the Democratic establishment does, that the answer is no. But if you ask a slightly different question, whether Hickenlooper has had a very tough few weeks, the answer is as obvious as the tens of thousands of protesters who have taken to Colorado streets.

And Romanoff, who has had trouble in this campaign even getting noticed, could be the beneficiary. If he’s not, it will be time for Romanoff, who has never won a statewide race or, for that matter, any race in more than a decade, to finally close down the electioneering tent.

Certainly, the political contrast between the two couldn’t be clearer…

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