Littwin: Neil Gorsuch’s ruling for LGBTQ rights proves that irony is not quite dead

Colorado’s very own, very conservative Supreme Court justice helps amend state’s tortured history on gay rights.

I have long insisted that in the age of Trump, irony has died along with it. But then comes Neil Gorsuch to prove me wrong.

In a startling 6-3 decision, with a startling majority opinion written by the ultra-conservative Gorsuch, the Supreme Court has ruled that LGBTQ people are, well, like all other people and must be treated that way. In citing Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, this ruling prevents gay, transgender, etc., people from being fired solely for being gay, transgender, etc.

It is clearly the most important gay-rights ruling since Obergefell and gay marriage. It is clearly the most important since Anthony Kennedy, the ultimate swing voter who often swung in the direction of gay rights, retired. It may, some experts say, be the most important gay-rights ruling ever.

And that it came from the pen of Colorado’s own Gorsuch…

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