Littwin: There are signs of a Great Awakening, but it isn’t as if we hadn’t seen them before

Trump’s most difficult week leaves him in Book of Job territory, and we are the ones who are being tested.

If I didn’t know better, and, sadly, I do, I’d be tempted to say that we are showing real signs of awakening from our long national nightmare.

It’s so easy to get lost in whatever is the opposite of superlatives when it comes to describing Donald Trump, but this has to have been the most difficult week of his presidency. And as the week ended, it got even worse— closing with the botched firing of the Manhattan U.S. attorney investigating Rudy Giuliani and then, of course, with the empty seats at the ill-advised campaign rally in Tulsa, where Trump admitted — I swear — that he had asked his administration to “slow the testing down” so there wouldn’t be, you know, so many recorded cases. His aides tried later to say it was a joke. If so, the joke’s on Trump.

Despite the many empty seats in the 19,000-seat arena, it wouldn’t have been a bad crowd for most candidates. But Trump …

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