Littwin: Trump wasn’t kidding about testing, and some red-state governors aren’t either

As cases surge in Florida and Texas, officials are begging (although not mandating) people to wear masks. Did Polis have it right all along?

It was great to see Dr. Tony Fauci again. I don’t know about you, but I’ve missed the guy. I know Donald Trump isn’t a big believer in quarantines, but he has apparently been doing his best to quarantine his leading infectious disease expert.

But there Fauci was Tuesday morning, making his TV comeback, testifying with a few other task force officials before a House oversight committee. He was warning for the millionth time, by my unofficial count, that COVID-19 has not left the building and isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

In fact, if you check the numbers, cases are rising in something like 25 states, and there is incipient fear of an April redux in a few of those that weren’t hit hard back then, including Utah, Texas, Florida, California, Oregon and, of course, Arizona, where Trump was visiting on Tuesday. Is it fair to mention that …

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