Unclear Danger 1B: Remembering Rocky Flats

Unclear Danger


Welcome to the first supplemental, side episode in our Rocky Flats series. Herein you’ll find a recording of the panel we put on at the Denver Public Library on April 7, as well as an unprecedented plea.

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Meet the Panelists:

Len Ackland is an independent journalist and retired journalism professor. During his time as editor, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists won a National Magazine Award in 1987, and he went on to serve as the founding director of the Center for Environmental Journalism at CU Boulder. Of particular interest, Len is also the author of Making a Real Killing: Rocky Flats and the Nuclear West.

Murph Widdowfield has the unique distinction among our panelists of having spent time working at the Rocky Flats plant. Like many other former workers, Murph remained involved in issues surrounding the site. He is currently the president of the board of the Rocky Flats Cold War Museum, a museum that you cannot physical visit, despite years of effort from Murph and the rest of the board.

Dorothy Ciarlo is a PhD and retired clinical psychologist. In the late 90s and early 2000s, she worked with the Boulder Public Library’s Maria Rogers Oral History Program to conduct more than a hundred interviews with former workers, activists, politicians, scientists, and contractors, some of which you heard in the first episode of our Rocky Flats series. Dorothy went on to publish a paper based on these interviews in the Journal of Peace Psychology. That paper is titled ”Secrecy and Its Fallout at a Nuclear Weapons Plant: A study of Rocky Flats Oral Histories

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