Unclear Danger 2: Local Hazard, Global Threat


Local Hazard, Global Threat

Our story of Rocky Flats continues. In this second chapter, we share the people’s history of the site, from humble beginnings in the early 1970s to a resurgence of activism today.

Unclear Danger: The Colorado Story of Rocky Flats is presented in partnership with the Colorado Independent and the Denver Public Library.

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Recommended Reading:

You can learn more about Kristen Iversen’s book Full Body Burden at her website.

Follow along with the activists at Rocky Flats DownwindersCandelas Glows, and Rocky Flats Right to Know, as well as the Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center.

Here’s a few links to documents mentioned in the episode: Rocky Flats Interagency Agreement of 1991Rocky Flats Cleanup Agreement of 1996, and the Citizens Advisory Board’s legacy report.

This episode includes extensive clips from several oral histories on file at the Boulder Public Library’s Maria Rogers Oral History Program. You can find each of the oral histories we excerpted here: Robert CardDaniel Ellsberg, and Pam Solo.

If you are a subscriber to Harper’s Magazine, you can read all of the Edward Abbey piece excerpted in this episode here. Nonsubscribers can find it in the published collection of Abbey’s work, Down the River.

“One Man’s Nuclear War,” Edward Abbey. Copyright © 1979 Harper’s Magazine. All Rights reserved. Reproduced from the March issue by special permission.

Our theme song is “Minnow” be Felix Fast4ward.

Denver’s premier chiptunes artists Aethernaut and Michael Zucker provided the score for this episode and all of Unclear Danger.

Also heard in this episode are a few songs by a group called Soft and Furious and a couple of old Rocky Flats protest songs. Those were performed by Jesse Wooten. You can find more of his music under the names Black Balsam and New Hill.

The photo that serves as a basis for the Unclear Danger logo was uploaded to Wikimedia Commons by a user called AlbertHerring. We are using it under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.

The Colorado Independent‘s Kelsey Ray designed the Unclear Danger logo.

Follow us on Twitter @changingdenver for photos and more behind-the-scenes details from our investigation into Rocky Flats.

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