Unclear Danger 4: Is it safe?

Unclear Danger 4: Is it safe?

In this fourth chapter of our Rocky Flats series, we set out to answer the central question in the recent controversy over the site: Will the Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge be safe for visitors when it opens to the public?

Unclear Danger: The Colorado Story of Rocky Flats is presented in partnership with the Colorado Independent and the Denver Public Library.

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Our theme song is “Minnow” by Felix Fast4ward. The theme song for Unclear Danger is “Title Screen” by Aethernaut. Other music in this episode is by Soft & FuriousChris Zabriskie, and Aethernaut.

The photo that serves as the basis of the Unclear Danger logo was uploaded to Wikimedia Commons by a user called AlbertHerring. We are using it under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License. The Colorado Independent’s Kelsey Ray designed the logo.

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