Author : Joseph Boven

VIDEO: Occupy Denver marchers occupy jail cells after march

VIDEO: Occupy Denver marchers occupy jail cells after march

Roughly 2,000 Occupy Denver participants marched through the streets Saturday to broadly protest the growing divide between the haves and the have nots in the United States and what many see as a lack of accountability by the banking industry...

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October 16, 2011 Center Well, Civil Rights, Criminal Justice, Politics

Colorado Progressive Coalition plans ‘organized chaos’ against Wells Fargo

Calling themselves "giant killers" the Colorado Progressive Coalition (CPC) announced a campaign of "organized chaos" against Wells Fargo Thursday morning for what the group said were the bank's predatory practices and illegal foreclosures....

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October 7, 2011 Center Well, Politics

Bennet urges new meat industry anti-trust regulations, while sustainability advocates look for deeper protections from food bill

Sen. Michael Bennet urged Pres. Barack Obama late last week to finalize and implement rules to even the playing field for small ranchers and chicken farmers in competition with corporate giants in the industry. Sustainable food advocates, who have been...

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August 31, 2011 Center Well, Environment/Energy, Politics

In Denver, Knights of Columbus reaffirms opposition to same-sex marriage, abortion

Delegates setting the resolutions for the Knights of Columbus (K of C) again voted to defend traditional marriage and the "sacredness of human life" at the group's 129th Supreme Convention held in Denver this week. With both controversial issues seen...

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August 5, 2011 Center Well, Civil Rights, Health, Politics

Heath’s education funding initiative surpasses goal in signature campaign

More than 142,000 signatures were turned in Monday for an initiative that is billed as a tourniquet to stop the yearly cuts to Colorado education. Primary petition sponsor Sen. Rollie Heath, D-Boulder, turned in his petition signatures to the secretary...

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August 3, 2011 Center Well, Education

Democratic legislators concerned by House reapportionment maps

Many Democrats are standing behind concerns raised by former Denver Mayor Wellington Webb last week after Webb said that Republican members of the Colorado Reapportionment Commission were playing it fast and loose with constitutional requirements when redrawing the state legislative...

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August 2, 2011 Center Well, Civil Rights, Criminal Justice, Politics

Education initiative draws lukewarm response from some due to effect of tax on poor

The absence of a progressive income tax structure in Initiative 25 has stopped some progressive organizations from getting on board with State Sen. Rollie Heath's attempt to stem what has become a yearly bleeding of dollars from public education. While...

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August 1, 2011 Center Well, Education, Politics, Top Stories

Koch Brothers Beaver Creek retreat to be met by protesters

Word that a retreat hosted by conservative mega-donors Charles and David Koch is coming to Colorado, has spurred activists across the state into action. Colorado Common Cause, Progress Now,, and others plan to meet and protest in Beaver Creek,...

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June 24, 2011 Center Well, Politics

Power to the people, say the people

Despite the demise of a bill to increase the percentage of votes needed to pass a voter initiated constitutional amendment in the Legislature this year, grassroots advocates recently voiced their opposition to the move they see as part of a...

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June 20, 2011 Center Well, Civil Rights, Criminal Justice, Politics

VIDEO: End of the world is nigh–or perhaps not

The rise of gay pride is a sign delivered by God that the end of the world will begin in just a few short days on May 21. At least that is the prophecy of former Coloradan Harold Camping, the...

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May 19, 2011 Center Well, Civil Rights, Politics

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Digital Media, Digital Citizens: A Community Conversation with Seth Geiger

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In Colorado, Democrats see a strong money haul as GOP relies on super PACs

Call Wednesday’s filing deadline the calm-before-the-general-election storm — the first time candidates and campaigns had to show the public their books since the June 26 […]

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