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Wiretap: Shutdown Day 9, Obamacare still law, not going anywhere

It's Day 9 of the shutdown and we're no closer to a settlement than on Day 1. President Obama had a news conference calling out Republicans. John Boehner had a news conference calling out Obama.

Wiretap: Explaining the Big Fail; trolling conservatives works

A short guide to Washington dysfunction, because no one reads long anymore, and the long guide would be really, really long.

Love it or hate it, consensus is Colorado Prop AA pot tax will pass

It's not just about forcing marijuana customers to pay more, it's also about setting precedent for legalization around the country, say advocates opposed to a proposed consumption tax here.

Wiretap: GOP shutdown as long-planned strategy or tragic blunder

It's Day 7 and Americans are looking for explanations. The Times traces a long anti-Obamacare plot on the right. The Washington Examiner quotes a GOP congressman who says it's all just blundering.

Victims of Denver police violence eye search for new safety manager

Not long after Landau was asked to turn over his license and registration, he found his arms held by two backup officers while Nixon struck him in the face hard enough to topple the group onto the sidewalk.

Gardner health insurance cancelation letter fails to answer questions

The letter has been redacted and so will do little to answer the main questions raised by Gardner's account of events: What kind of plan do you have now and why would it cost double the rate to buy "inferior" coverage, as you have asserted?

Gardner’s insurer: He can go on the exchange, get a Bronze Plan

The chief marketer for Rocky Mountain Health Plans said policy-holder Congressman Cory Gardner can choose from a "ton" of different plans offered by the company on the state's "Obamacare" exchange and that he'd find a comparable plan.

Wiretap: Gate crashing in the capital, Coffman ripping in the Sentinel

She was killed by Capitol police after apparently trying to breach White House security checkpoints, with her daughter (who is OK) in the back seat.

Video: House GOP war on farm bill food assistance will get uglier

Do they get that Obamacare is the law of the land? Do they get that they shut down the government? Do they get who will be affected by their proposed $40 billion cut to the nation's food assistance program?

Chart: Obamacare as presented by The Commonwealth Fund

For 100 years the Fund has been working to deliver better health care to more Americans, especially to the poor, the elderly, the sick. Its simple chart on the Affordable Care Act is damning commentary on the government shutdown.
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