Mike Keefe


Keefe: ‘I voted, big time’

The state airwaves and internet tubes have been clogged with ads. As Floyd Ciruli put it: "There simply is no more ad space to buy. They're even placing ads in newspapers. What does that tell you?"

Mike Keefe on Karl Rove as horror movie director

Does fear mongering like this really work?

Keefe: Cory Gardner as Colorado’s surrealist candidate

You see, he's not lying. He is "challenging our preconditioned perceptions of reality."

Keefe on Lamborn leadership

  The Colorado Independent cartoonist's take on 5th District Republican Congressman Doug Lamborn, who this month revealed his own special plan on how to set...

Ceiling Scalia

  Congratulations! This is the first of a year's worth of Mike Keefe's now-weekly crowd-funded contributions to the Independent. And what a good week for...

Mike Keefe on Jeffco Board AP History

    Note: This is the kind of spot-on political cartooning you could enjoy regularly if you pledge now to back a year of the Pulitzer-winner’s...

Keefe on the Bob Beauprez “wilderness” years

  Political cartoonist Mike Keefe weighs in following a Colorado Independent article about GOP candidate for governor and former Congressman Bob Beauprez's eight years out...
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