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Reader’s view: Looking forward after the Gold King Mine spill

The recent disaster on the Animas River is news to no one at this point. Headlines across Colorado and national outlets have spread this recent development far and wide. The Animas turned orange, and...

Readers’ view: Feticide laws are a step backward, not forward

Crimes like last month’s gruesome attack on pregnant Longmont resident Michelle Wilkins and her 34-week fetus would shock and disturb anybody. Ms. Wilkins – whose fetus was literally ripped from her body – deserves...

Excessive force in Denver: A mother’s open letter

  Last night my sister, Pauline (Isaiah's loving aunt and godmother) came into my room with very disturbing news about a video of her nephew -- my oldest son, Isaiah Moreno. I sat...

Fladen: Sarcasm alert – Migrant children are an invasion force!

  Congressman Gohmert encouraged Gov. Rick Perry "to use whatever means, whether it’s troops, even using ships of war" to stop an "invasion" of children. He said that Texas is a "state that is being...

Fladen: Modest proposal for kids at border

  The main objection to the kids at the border is that they create a burden on society if we let them in.  So if that is the case, then why not let kids that...

On Vincent Harding and acting from ‘love and liberation’

“My young friend, you can be afraid. You cannot be frozen. You cannot be pushed into inaction or into action that violates your greatest purpose.”

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper’s climate change rhetoric continues to cool

The governor's stance on climate change continues to retreat like so many of the world's glaciers.

Focus on the Family touts anti-gay marriage efforts in New York

In wake of news that major Republican donors are funding the push to legalize gay marriage in New York, Colorado Springs-based Focus on the Family is touting efforts to "save traditional marriage" there led by the National Organization for Marriage and the New Yorker’s Family Research Foundation. NOM has reportedly raised a million dollars to spend on its anti-gay marriage campaign and Family Research Foundation leader Reverend Jason McGuire is riding around the state on a "Mayday for Marriage" bus tour rallying supporters. “Where were you when they tried to redefine marriage?" he reportedly asks the people who turn up at tour stops. "What will you say to future generations?"

Udall calls out GOP for blocking debate on defense bill, DADT

Colorado Sen. Mark Udall, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, today blasted Republicans for blocking an attempt to begin debate on the National Defense Authorization Act, which includes repealing the military's “Don’t...

Hillary Clinton can’t escape the internet

As the WikiLeaks endless U.S. diplomatic document dump continues, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is battling back calls to resign for a UN espionage scheme, she's leading the government's de facto public relations campaign against WikiLeaks and she's battening down the hatches at the State Department. She is, in effect, in a war against the future the internet is promising to deliver as WikiLeaks incrementally posts all of the 250,000 State Department cables it is alleged to possess. On Wednesday, the internet also attacked her from the past. Web-culture agenda-setting site Boing Boing posted Clinton's January celebration of internet freedom.
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