Chasing Light

Black and white door

Chasing Light: Black & white

In the age of insta-gratification and endless playful color filters that can make your photos pop, it may seem quaint to think about the...

Chasing Light: Backyard birds

I'm not a fanatical birdwatcher, but I have spent time with people who could identify half-a-dozen species in the forest around us just from...
Colorado first snow

Chasing Light: Early snows

  A few days ago in Chasing Light we explored some autumn leaves up close, with the tiniest veins in vivid relief. Today, we step...
frozen leaf

Chasing Light: Falling leaves, whispered secrets

Those sweeping autumn aspen landscapes are just dandy, but take a moment to consider the life of a leaf. After sprouting tender green in...
Colorado aspens

Chasing Light: Sunday morning

In late September, the best sunrise light is right around the same time I need to get my teenager out of bed and on...

Chasing Light: Backyard

These landscape shots were all taken from along the shore of the Frisco Peninsula near the U.S. Forest Service Pine Cove campground ... snow on the Grays and Torreys and cloudplay over the town of Frisco.
alpine tundra

Chasing Light: Roadside tundra

Roadside photography goes all the way back to the time when landscape picture-takers used mules to lug their giant box cameras to the edge of the Grand Canyon.
Český Krumlov

Chasing Light: World Heritage

In my travels, I've always been interested to see how tourist destinations around the world work to preserve their cultural, historic and natural resources.
Peak One Tenmile Range

Chasing Light: Timing is everything

Timing is critical to photography. Sometimes, a certain combination of light, clouds and reflections only persists for a few minutes.

Chasing Light: Gold season!

Autumn seems to be in hurry up mode this year. Some clumps of aspens and willows are already glinting gold.
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