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Journalism that helps put the “justice” in our justice system

Dear Indy community, Fairness. Honesty. Thoughtfulness. Courage. As a pro-bono civil rights attorney and professor of law, these are the values I try to bring to the...
Mike Littwin

Why we let you steal our content

Dear readers, We’re a little different here at The Indy. OK, maybe a lot different. It’s not just that we’re so old school that we offer...
Mike Keefe

Why I cartoon for The Colorado Independent

Dear readers, Before Susan Greene asked me to contribute editorial cartoons to The Colorado Independent in 2014, I had spent more than three decades as a member...
Rachel and Forest

What we learn with your support

Dear readers, As interns for The Colorado Independent this fall, we have a unique window into what the publication is all about. Forest Wilson, a journalism and political...

Show some love for public-interest journalism

Dear readers, These people make Colorado better. Colorado Independent reporters Alex Burness, Lars Gesing and Corey Hutchins do so by showing up, day after day, to ask...