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News Poem: ‘The Stalin variations’

"What ails you, tender snail? Is it that now, at the last, I, an anti-saint, still sit like a red stain on a sail?"

News Poem: ‘The Great Experiment’

Health and Human Services Secretary Katherine Sebelius sat at the table, two hundred cameras stuck up into her face. The man in one of the seats on the other side of the cameras smiled.

News Poem: ‘Now…’

we recognize the acronym of the airport. Now we watch the instant replay of people rushing shoving pushing one another down to get away.

News Poem: ’50 Miles from the Colorado Springs Wildfires’

In the afterglow peppered skyline, we can't tell the difference between the tumbling cottonwood seeds and suspended embers. We burn our fingers trying to catch the embers but we don't stop.

News Poem: ‘South Platte River: The Death of the Bull’

The bull, too big for his own good, sank down into that dark, dirty swirl and drowned. The swimming heifers survived, swimming seven hours against the flood.
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