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Press gets sneak peek of DNC protester lockup

After more than a week of rampant speculation over what has been dubbed by some activists as “Gitmo on the Platte,” the Denver Sheriff's Department invited members of the media on a tour of the controversial jail built to process those who are arrested during next week's Democratic National Convention. During the Wednesday morning walkthough, sheriff's officials confirmed that the facility will be able to hold up to 400 arrestees and that guards will be carrying Tasers.

On the ballot: Romanoff’s SAFE reroutes TABOR money to education

The battle to undo one of Colorado’s most famous and controversial citizen-led constitutional amendments — 1992's Taxpayer Bill of Rights — is underway and it’s gaining bipartisan support. Known as the “Savings Account for Education,” or SAFE, the ballot initiative would do away with tax refunds created under TABOR and instead reroute the money toward public education.

Energy concerns reign at Markey-Salazar town hall

High gasoline prices, domestic oil and the right energy alternatives dominated an hour-long town hall forum Wednesday in Windsor hosted by Colorado Sen. Ken Salazar and Betsy Markey, the Fort Collins Democrat challenging incumbent Rep. Marilyn Musgrave for the 4th Congressional District seat.

Monster fusion center to coordinate DNC intelligence

The Democratic National Convention will serve as a catalyst for the creation of a temporary "super fusion" center that two local police officials hope will permanently expand domestic intelligence powers in Colorado.

No vacancy: DNC may displace Denver homeless

Convention-goers in search of lodging at next week's Democratic National Convention may inadvertently squeeze homeless people out of temporary motel rooms.

Homeless families in Denver often board in the city's most iconic and dilapidated motels along Colfax Avenue, Broadway and Colorado Boulevard when the shelters are full. But with the DNC quickly approaching, some motels are already booked or have raised prices in anticipation of better-to-do guests. Denver's homeless officials worry that some families will be left to stay on the streets.

Doug Lamborn, after months of silence, emerges victorious

He was the quintessential invisible candidate. He ducked the limelight. He ignored the bloody primary battle between fellow Republicans Jeff Crank and Bentley Rayburn. He refused even to debate them, and even to talk with some local press. In his re-election bid, Doug Lamborn bypassed the formal nominating process — unheard of for an incumbent politician. And guess what? It worked. The day after the primary, Lamborn the winner popped his head out of the hole, picked up the telephone and called the Colorado Independent to talk about current events — and what he’s got cooking in Washington.

Loss of the Capitol news bureau

As traditional newspapers transition to an Internet world filled with part-time bloggers, content-sharing Web sites and Google, embedded legislative correspondents have disappeared from the nation's capitals, apparent victims of dwindling newsroom resources and a changing industry.
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