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Jeb Bush stumps at state GOP rally; Gardner still the star

“This really smells like Colorado!” Ken Buck exclaimed upon taking the podium Wednesday night at the Douglas County Fairground event center in Castle Rock....

Michelle Obama rallies crowd to Dems with focus on opportunity

  DENVER — You could have mistaken Thursday morning’s round-the-block line outside the Exdo Events Center for a weekend night, since the venue shares real estate...

Hillary Clinton stumps for Colorado Dems, defends role of women’s issues

DENVER— From the stall of my pre-Hillary pee at Aurora's Radisson hotel, two middle-aged women can be heard talking about how they scored tickets to...

Colo. Republicans Adopt ‘Can-Do’ Attitude Toward Now-Likely Non-Mail Recall Elections

DENVER -- Democrats and Republicans are trailing divergent paths in reaction to the shock ruling here Monday evening by a district court judge that will force the state to rewrite recall ballots with less than a month to go before Election Day.

Colorado Rep. Coffman Targeted by League of Conservation Voters

Mike Coffman, Republican representative of Colorado's now toss-up Sixth Congressional District, is drawing fire from long-established national environmental group the League of Conservation Voters.

Republican Recall Candidates Hit with Abortion Politics Mailers

Campaign mailers underlining the anti-abortion views of Republican state senate candidates Bernie Herpin and George Rivera reportedly landed in southern Front Range voter mailboxes over the last two days, stoking flames in the already hot recall elections organized in response to gun-control legislation passed in the spring.

ICE Frees Colorado Immigration Activist Jeanette Vizguerra

What would you do if your mother, thousands of miles away, was dying and it would jeopardize your immigration status to see her one last time?

Morse Campaign Charges Bias in Gessler-Approved Recall Ballot Language

ON WEDNESDAY, Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler’s office signed off on ballot language for the state’s first-ever lawmaker recall election, where Democratic state Senate President John Morse will effectively face Republican City Council Member Bernie Herpin.

Buck Already Drawing Energetic Support and Determined Attacks

Weld County Republican D.A. Ken Buck announced Wednesday he is running to represent Colorado in the U.S. Senate, looking to unseat first-term Democrat Mark Udall. The news made a splash, firing up conservative supporters hungry for a substantial Republican candidate to enter the race and generating groans and sharp criticism from Democrats who were relieved to see him recede from the statewide political stage three years ago.

Immigration Activists Demand Reform, Denounce Deportations

DENVER -- One speaker told of a harrowing border crossing intercepted by a drug cartel seeking hostages. Another of attempts to free her teen daughter from detention in Arizona. Another, on a hunger strike, recalled the story of a detained friend and community leader.
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