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Police-powers let schools bar unvaccinated students, court says

Students suffered a chickenpox outbreak in a New York school. Administrators forced unvaccinated kids to stay home. Anti-vaccination parents objected in court. In January,...

Gardner ousts Udall from U.S. Senate

At the Hyatt Regency DTC on Tuesday night, everyone was a resident of Yuma. Or wanted to be. “Is anyone here from Yuma?” asked Senator-elect...

Gardner builds lead that may be insurmountable

Republican Congressman Cory Gardner appears in preliminary election returns to have unseated incumbent U.S. Sen. Mark Udall in a hard-fought campaign that was indicative of a national GOP wave against an unpopular president.

Hillary Clinton stumps for Colorado Dems, defends role of women’s issues

DENVER— From the stall of my pre-Hillary pee at Aurora's Radisson hotel, two middle-aged women can be heard talking about how they scored tickets to...

Colorado Supreme Court Denies Appeal, Colorado Recall Legal Turmoil Over

The Colorado Independent just received a copy of the Colorado Supreme Court's decision not to hear the appeal filed by Clerk Ortiz of Pueblo and Robert Nemanich regarding the District Court decision effectively dismissing the use of all-mail ballots in the upcoming historic recall elections. In a surprise twist, Secretary of State Scott Gessler and Clerk Williams of El Paso County joined the Libertarian Party of Colorado in opposing the appeal.

Speak English: Partisan Politics Strain Link Connecting Immigration, Education Reform

Colorado made national headlines this year when lawmakers passed the ASSET bill providing in-state tuition for many undocumented high school graduates seeking a college education. Now an overhaul of the state’s public education funding formula, passed but pending enactment until voters approve a nearly $1 billion statewide tax initiative, would include special funding for students who are learning English as a second language.

As Woman Takes Top Job, Sex Assaults Still Plague Air Force...

A decade after a rape scandal rattled the Air Force Academy, reports of sexual assaults involving cadets are surging, according to Colorado Springs’ rape crisis center.

Morse on Giron: She’s Plain Crazy about Pueblo

Colorado Democratic state Senate President John Morse speaks his mind and has endured no end of pains recently as a result. But it's a refreshing quality in a lawmaker -- a Colorado tradition that might include Morse, as well as two current, long-shot Republican candidates for governor: state Senator Greg Brophy and notoriously great interviewee, illegal-immigration scourge and former Congressman Tom Tancredo.

Libertarian Court Victory Throws Recall Elections into Turmoil

Monday evening, Denver District Judge Robert McGahey ruled that the secretary of state unconstitutionally barred Colorado’s Libertarian party from including the name of its candidates on the September 10 recall-election ballots for Pueblo and Colorado Springs state senate districts.

Pueblo Recall Candidate Rivera: Giron Was in a ‘Lose-Lose’ Situation on...

In a radio interview Friday, Republican Senate candidate George Rivera said he couldn't really criticize Sen. Angela Giron for "voting her conscience" when she supported the hot-button gun-control laws last spring that have spurred constituents in her Pueblo district to attempt to recall her from office.
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