Polis wins a nailbiter primary in CD 2: The highlights


Anonymous dough flows into Colorado initiative campaigns

Contributions of anonymous cash totaling more than $2.4 million are bankrolling anti-labor and anti-affirmative action campaigns in Colorado. The money is coming from nonprofit organizations that are not required to reveal their financial donors, prompting a former House member and state Senate candidate to consider legislation that could strengthen disclosure for certain nonprofit organizations that get involved with politics.

McCain makes Colorado a mainstay

John McCain really likes Colorado. After visiting the Centennial State three times in July, the Republican candidate for president will be back in Aspen this week for a fundraiser with deep-pocketed Republican donors. There is no word if he has other campaign events planned.

Colorado ACLU sues Denver for arresting innocent people in place of...

The American Civil Liberties Union of Colorado filed suit Monday against the City and County of Denver and seven law enforcement officers on behalf of five people who were mistakenly arrested for crimes they did not commit. While the suit focuses on a handful of plaintiffs who suffered the effects of sloppy and negligent police work, the problem likely extends far beyond the five individuals, says ACLU legal director Mark Silverstein.

Fanning the radical anti-abortion flames in Colorado

While ugly confrontation between reproductive-rights advocates and abortion opponents is inevitable, an internecine fight has been brewing between warring camps of absolutists that oppose abortion under any circumstances versus those who advocate for incremental change or are willing to make exceptions in certain cases.

A town hall of a Democratic convention

Keeping with its message of inclusion and hope to involve everyday citizens in the Democratic National Convention in Denver later this month, DNCC organizers have announced a town hall theme for the week.

Back scratching in the four-way GOP race for the 6th CD

Colorado Secretary of State Mike Coffman might have the best name recognition going into Tuesday’s Republican primary race to represent the state’s 6th Congressional District, but he’s also got the most high-profile problems, including questions over his decision last year de-certifying — and then re-certifying — most of Colorado’s electronic voting machines.
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