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An unprecedented statewide reporting collaboration on Colorado's mobile home parks


Parked: Mobile home parks become immigrants’ home away from home

AVON, Colo -- A resident of the Aspens Mobile Home Village takes in the view from the deck of the mobile home she and her family have lived in for about six years. As with other trailer parks, they own the trailer and rent the lot space. She has lived in the U.S. since 2001, and says the Aspens is home, but so is Mexico. Like the mobile home she lives in, she occupies a place of temporary permanence, fixed but not rooted. (Photo by Tina Griego)
AVON, Colo. —  The Aspens Mobile Home Village sits on a wedge of land tucked between eastbound I-70 and the Eagle River in the mountains near Vail. The park is easy to miss in the blur of freeway speeds — trees, a fence, trailers flashing past before the blue sign for Exit 167 zooms into view, advertising Burger King and Subway and Fiesta Jalisco.  The Aspens is unobtrusive, the way people who don’t live in mobile homes parks tend to prefer them, and in this it sets itself apart from the county’s largest park about 10 minutes down the road in Edwards. That park, Eagle River Village, has been in the Vail Daily news for its persistent, still unresolved poor water quality. Its row after row of weary, faded trailers rise from the river up the hillside toward the million-dollar plus homes and golf courses of...

Parked: Half the American Dream

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