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Schaffer jabs McInnis on Twitter, conjuring ghosts of 2008

One thing the whole Scott McInnis plagiarism scandal has dredged up is a bit of not-so-ancient history revealing internal cat fighting in the Colorado...

Anatomy of a ‘stolen election’: Ex-Garfield County judge still seething

It’s been nearly eight months since former Garfield County Judge Steve Carter says he was ambushed by oil and gas money in his unsuccessful bid for county commissioner, but the Democrat is clearly still seething about what he considers a “stolen election.”

Washington Times forgets Colorado recently had a Republican senator

Poor Wayne Allard. The recently retired Republican senator from Colorado seems to have gone down the memory hole at The Washington Times, like an out-of-favor Politburo member erased from history by Pravda.

Musgrave finally concedes election — in robocall to 200,000 Georgians

Soon-to-be-former U.S. Rep. Marilyn Musgrave, neither seen nor heard in the four weeks since her thumping loss to Democratic challenger Betsy Markey, finally made that phone call. Thing is, it wasn't a concession call to Markey, and it wasn't a call to thank her supporters. No, the lame duck Republican lent her voice to a robocall for the Georgia Senate run-off election on Tuesday, blaming "leftist special interests" for her defeat.

‘Eggmendment’ backers go national, vow to target every petition state

Despite a crushing defeat at the ballot box in Colorado on Tuesday, supporters of Amendment 48, the so-called "Personhood" Amendment, aren't "taking the loss personally," and have launched plans to take the fight to 16 more states, according to an anti-abortion news site and a Web site established by the group. The measure would have defined a fertilized egg as a person. It was widely seen as an end run around Roe v. Wade in an attempt to outlaw abortion, but opponents said it would also ban most forms of contraception.

Battleground HD 52 stays in Democratic hands

After narrowly winning a first term to the state House in 2006, Democrat John Kefalas won a resounding victory over moderate Republican Bob McCluskey for the House District 52 seat in Fort Collins.

Environmental group rejoices over Musgrave loss

The environmental political activist group Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund, which spent $1.6 million in the 4th Congressional District against Republican Rep. Marilyn Musgrave, is celebrating the victory of Democrat Betsy Markey today.

Udall promises ‘politics of decency,’ as Schaffer slams ‘giant leap to...

Just as the turning point in the presidential race came in September when Wall Street wavered and John McCain looked equally unsteady, Bob Schaffer’s U.S. Senate campaign might have imploded later that same month in a debate with Mark Udall on “Meet the Press.”

Flecks of dust are Boulder County’s hanging chad

The counting has been slow going in Boulder County due to an odd snafu — dusty ballots streaking optical scan machine lenses resulting in erroneous vote tabulations.

Election Day Q&A on fans, foes of Amendment 47

The Colorado Independent posed three questions to proponents and opponents of Amendment 47, a so-called right to work initiative that would restrict what way labor organizes in the state, by banning collective bargaining agreements between unions and businesses that require minimal agency fees from nonmember employees who receive union-negotiated benefits in the workplace.
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