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Liveblog: The polls open!

Join us here for campaign observations, poll watch reports and up-to-the-minute news on this historic Election Day. And share your voting experience and win/loss predictions in the comments below. Got a tip? Contact us at tips@www.coloradoindependent.com

Breaking: Court calls emergency hearing over continued voter purges

U.S. District Judge John Kane has scheduled an emergency hearing for 1 p.m. MDT Friday to hear complaints by voting rights advocates that Colorado Secretary of State Mike Coffman continues to cull names from the voting rolls in defiance of a deal the judge brokered two days ago.

Political rallies get ugly but Colorado spared as Election Day nears

The acrimony on the presidential campaign trail has reached new lows in distortions, misinformation and irresponsible racially and religiously coded attacks by pundits, campaign staffers, surrogates and the candidates themselves.

NARAL pounds McCain-Palin: ‘more anti-choice’ than Bush-Cheney

Just days after hitting Colorado mailboxes with its first mailer criticizing John McCain's positions on reproductive issues, NARAL Pro-Choice America sent a second flyer on Friday to Republican and unaffiliated women in Colorado. The flyer warned that the McCain-Palin ticket is "downright dangerous" for women. The abortion-rights group also pointed to a poll released Wednesday that shows the same Republican and unaffiliated women voters prefer Barack Obama 48-44 percent if they identify themselves as pro-choice.

Ron Howard revives Opie, ‘Happy Days’ to urge Obama vote

Director Ron Howard steps back in time — and winds up in Mayberry — in a video endorsement of Barack Obama posted Thursday on FunnyOrDie.com. Joined by former on-screen cohorts Andy Griffith and Henry Winkler, Howard revives two of his iconic TV characters — Opie Taylor from the 1960s classic "The Andy Griffith Show" and Richie Cunningham from the 1970s hit "Happy Days" — to discuss this year's election.

Jewish comics take to the air with election message: ‘This ain’t...

Joining a cavalcade of entertainers urging their fans to get out and vote, a group of iconic Jewish comedians on Wednesday launched "This Ain't Funny," a series of ads and a Web site designed "to encourage voters to vote for the only serious ticket in this election — Obama-Biden." Three ads, featuring performers including Carl Reiner, Valerie Harper and Danny DeVito, urge senior citizens to "think about our grandchildren and not (vote) out of fear." "I got the chance to vote for Roosevelt," says Carl Reiner in an ad called "Our Grandchildren," "and I'm still talking about it."

Candidates go toe-to-toe with cardboard Lamborn

A life-size, cardboard cutout stood in for Republican Rep. Doug Lamborn at a debate with his challengers, Democrat Hal Bidlack and American Constitution Party candidate Brian Scott, on Wednesday night in Colorado Springs. Bidlack has been showing up at events with the cardboard Lamborn to point out the 5th Congressional District incumbent's refusal to show up at joint campaign events.

A stunner: Active Democrats outnumber Republicans in Colorado

Colorado was once known as the square state with lots of farmers and cows and where Republican politics were a way of life. Not anymore. For the first time in decades, the Grand Old Party has lost ground as evidenced by the latest voter registration data provided by the Secretary of State. In fact, as of last weekend, active Democratic voters outnumbered active Republican voters statewide -- a reality many experts said seemed unlikely five or 10 years ago.

Musgrave says no to fire-breathing non-liberals — and to free TV

Dear Marilyn Musgrave: I am not a liberal. I am also not a “Democratic consultant.” When your spokesman called me that, my wife and all my friends laughed so hard it sounded like they were howling. And you know what? Your resulting decision to not come on TV and be interviewed, as your opponent Betsy Markey agreed to do, did nothing more than strip you of the opportunity to get a half-hour of free air time. Sincerely, Eric Sondermann.

Early voting opens today: Know your rights and responsibilities

Colorado kicks off two-weeks of early voting today with elections officials strongly encouraging residents to take advantage of anticipated shorter lines and, hopefully, less confusion than what is expected on Nov. 4. But unless you've got elections expert Sen. Ken Gordon as your wingman going into the polls, what's a voter to do?
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