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More than 300 voters purged by Coffman cast provisional ballots

Remember all those voters purged from the rolls by Secretary of State Mike Coffman, many in defiance of a federal court order? Coffman maintained he was well within the law, merely removing voters who had died, moved or filed duplicate registrations, but U.S. District Court Judge John Kane blasted the "obdurate" Coffman at an emergency hearing called four days before the election when reports surfaced that voters were still being purged after an earlier settlement ordered a halt.

Rose concedes House race after provisionals fail to close gap

Three weeks after Election Day, Brighton Democrat Dave Rose is ready to give up the race for House District 30 after county officials certified vote totals on Monday showing him trailing Republican Kevin Priola 11,936 to 11,504 votes. The margin — 1.84 percent out of more than 23,000 votes cast — is greater than the 0.5 percent that would have triggered an automatic recount. "I'll go along with the final tally of losing by 432 votes," Rose told the Colorado Independent on Tuesday. "It's very disappointing," he added.

Udall plea: ‘Beat back the shameful attacks’ in Georgia Senate runoff

Maybe we really are all Georgians. Newly elected Democratic Sen. Mark Udall sent an e-mail appeal to supporters Thursday asking for help electing Jim Martin, who is facing incumbent Republican Sen. Saxby Chambliss in a Dec. 2 runoff election that could determine whether Democrats reach a filibuster-proof majority.

By the numbers: Colorado’s presidential returns

A blogger at ColoradoPols has crunched a bunch of election numbers in several interesting ways, and determined thatof Colorado’s five largest counties, four went for Barack Obama. Only El Paso County, a reliable GOP stronghold, went John McCain’s way. And, the pol noted, Denver and Boulder counties turned out to be way more Democratic than El Paso County was Republican.

Musgrave concession watch: Day 9

Incumbent Republican Marilyn Musgrave, who lost her bid for re-election in Colorado's 4th Congressional District last week by a convincing 12-point margin, has so...

Brighton Democrat waiting for full vote count before conceding House race

The Democratic state House candidate from Brighton who withdrew his concession the day after the election — citing uncounted provisional ballots — said he was hopeful but also expected "the worst" on Wednesday as election officials began sorting through the uncounted ballots.

What happened with the Colorado Election Day exit polls?

As you saw on the 2008 Youth Vote Map, Colorado is one of the states for which we have no exit poll data on young voters. Early in the evening on election night, CNN reported exit poll data showing Obama losing the Colorado youth vote 47 - 53 percent.

Obama the visionary minimalist

And to those Americans whose support I have yet to earn, I may not have won your vote, but I hear your voices, I need your help and I will be your president too.”

Obama’s T-shirt offer a mad election capper

Ack! It hasn't even been a week since the election polls closed, and Barack Obama’s people are already asking for more money. And they won! The latest arrived in my inbox on Monday, asking for 30 bucks for a “commemorative 2008 Victory T-shirt.”

No cake walk for victorious Democrats

In the wake of Tuesday’s elections — which swept a Democrat into the White House and widened the party’s margins in the Senate and the House — it’s tempting to conclude that the Democrats’ legislative challenges just eased, that the days of GOP obstructionism are over and that the party’s congressional leaders will have their way next year on Capitol Hill. It would also be misleading.
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