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Margarita pitchman Schaffer hawks family blend, 140 characters at a time

Former Republican congressman and erstwhile Senate candidate Bob Schaffer has taken his passion for margaritas a step further on the ethernet, inaugurating a Twitter account for Coyote Gold. That's right, the 37-proof "Microbrew of Margaritas" is now dispensing tweets via the ubiquitous, fast-growing social networking tool. Here's one of the first, posted shortly after the account went live Tuesday night:

Former Senate candidate Schaffer pitches margaritas at Cinco de Mayo

Has Bob Schaffer finally decided to court the Latino vote? The former Republican congressman and twice-failed hopeful for the U.S. Senate notoriously spurned entreaties by Hispanic GOP leaders to target Colorado's fastest-growing bloc of voters. “I’ve never campaigned like that," Schaffer said shortly before going down to defeat to Democrat Mark Udall by 11 points. "I consider myself to be an American first.” Fast forward six months. Margarita pitchman Schaffer is turning attention to the state's Hispanic culture in a big way, targeting Denver's Cinco de Mayo celebration with family concoction Coyote Gold named the "Official Margarita" of the holiday, which commemorates a blow struck for Mexican independence.

Margarita pitchman Schaffer still searching for lost shaker of salt

Former congressman and twice-failed Senate candidate Bob Schaffer crows on his Twitter feed Thursday evening that the national media has picked up the story first reported a week ago by The Colorado Independent. It's the story of a Fort Collins family with a taste for tequila, a homemade margarita recipe and the marketing savvy to bottle the blend and call it ... Coyote Gold.

Off To The ’08 Races!

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