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Ralph Reed: All GOP presidential candidates oppose gay marriage

A slew of potential Republican presidential candidates told social conservatives in Iowa this week they believed President Barack Obama was wrong to order his administration not to defend the Defense of Marriage Act at an event hosted by the Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition.

Wadhams’ quest for presidential Big Kahuna centers on South Dakota

Once upon a time, when Colorado GOP kingpin Dick Wadhams was referred to as “Rove 2.0”, the Las Animas political operative was on a fast track to manage a presidential campaign. U.S. Sen. George Allen's racist "macaca" gaffe uttered at a Virginia re-election campaign stop may have derailed then-campaign manager Wadham's direct trajectory toward the Big Kahuna. But long ties to a darkhorse 2012 Republican presidential candidate may give him another shot at a run at the White House.

Palin playing chicken with chicken-little GOP

Gov. Sarah Palin is toying with the reeling leaderless Republican Party. The months-long "feud" between Palin and two GOP campaign committees that asked her and then didn't ask her to appear at a fund raising dinner tonight is reaching new heights of absurdity.