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Romney, Obama both hustling for Latino voters

Both President Obama and Mitt Romney discussed the importance of the Latino vote over the weekend. According to MSNBC’s First Read, speaking at a private fundraiser in Palm Beach over the weekend, ”Romney told his audience, ‘We have to get Hispanic voters to vote for our party,’ warning that recent polling showing Hispanics breaking in huge percentages for President Obama ‘spells doom for us.’”

Colorado’s Latino voters could be key in run to the White...

In Colorado and a handful of other swing states, the Hispanic vote is expected to be a key factor in this year's presidential election. As Republican campaign rhetoric around immigration has continued to turn off many Latino voters, some GOP strategists are suggesting the eventual Republican nominee can appeal to Hispanics by focusing on economic issues.

New voting restrictions in many states could impact election

The Brennan Center for Justice at NYU’s School of Law, one of the foremost nonpartisan public-policy institutes focused on justice and democracy, reports that 70 percent of the 270 electoral votes needed to win the 2012 presidential election will now come from states with new restrictive voting laws, a statistic that could greatly affect the voter turnout and outcome of the upcoming election.

Latino voters favor Obama by wide margin, Fox poll indicates

According to a poll released this week, Latino voters are more likely to favor President Obama than any of the GOP presidential candidates.

Latino voters not that happy with tenor of immigration debate

GOP presidential candidates have voiced their support for immigration policies that leave out most Latino voters, who are looking for a commonsense solution to the issue, but Democrats are not doing much better, participants in Spanish language Univision news show Al Punto said Sunday.

Bennet calls for greater transparency in election spending

Voters deserve to know who is paying for political advertisements, Colorado Democratic U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet and 10 other senators wrote Tuesday in a letter to the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

Gay activists urge Republicans not to support anti-gay candidates

The National Stonewall Democrats, the “national voice of LGBT Democrats” have launched a campaign urging gay and lesbian Republicans to not support “anti-LGBT GOP presidential candidates.”

Round-two Colorado civil unions debate opens at capitol

Denver Senator Pat Steadman's re-introduced same-sex civil unions bill is being heard this afternoon in the Senate Judiciary Committee. Although the bill will be passed easily by the committee's Democratic majority, the hearing will be the staging ground for this year's arguments for and against it, drawing the attention of political analysts, members of the public and lawmakers in both chambers of the legislature looking to gauge the direction and intensity of political winds in an especially charged election year.

Romney supports drug testing of welfare recipients

In an interview with a news station in Georgia, presidential candidate Mitt Romney said he supports laws requiring welfare beneficiaries to take drug tests.

Palacio and Hancock: Romney is out of touch

As Colorado Republicans prepare to go to their caucuses tonight, Democrats continue to say that Mitt Romney is wrong for Colorado. Today, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock and Colorado Democratic Party Chair Rick Palacio addressed the media at Su Teatro in Denver's Santa Fe Art District.
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