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Spotify: In 2014, ‘chillout’ playlist trends high on Colorado college campuses

Spotify, the world's cyborg DJ/jukebox, has run the numbers for Gregorian Calendar year 2014 and it has discovered that Planet Earth humans listened most...

For Dems, Tom Tancredo is the new Dan Maes

The ads transparently attack Tancredo and main GOP primary rival, Bob Beauprez, in ways meant to play on the sentiments of activist Republican voters. There's rich irony at the heart of the strategy.

Wiretap: The President played small ball

It was a modest speech, with a modest agenda, and the talk of Obama using executive privilege was way overblown.

It could all be over soon, until the next time

The crisis is nearly over - unless it isn't -- so it is time to ask ourselves what has been learned. My guess: Not much.

C’mon already! The Brady Amendment is just personhood

What do you get when you combine the claim of protecting women, a vague ballot initiative concerning “unborn human beings,” and an email with the subject line, “Praise God! 139,650 Signatures Submitted”? You get a an even-year Colo. election.
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