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Statetap: Weed-crazed Colorado celebrates 420

Counting highs Happy 420. A dank cloud is wafting across the state in honor of marijuana legalization. Rocky Mountain PBS I-News has compiled a look...

Pot advocates sue to stop planned CU protest clampdown

BOULDER-- As Colorado University authorities prepare in earnest for the first time in twenty years to ward off the crowds due to gather here on campus tomorrow for the annual "4/20" marijuana rally, attorney Rob Corry has filed suit to stop those preparations, calling them unprecedented in the history of U.S. campus protest, dangerous and an embarrassment to the critical thinking and free-exchange of ideas the university is supposed to cultivate.

CU Boulder history instructor baffled and offended by pro-pot protest

Half the students in Prof. William Watson's Western Civilization course at University of Colorado Boulder abandoned class last Wednesday to join the "4/20" pro-legalization marijuana protest being held on campus. Watson blogged that he was taken by surprise by the pot protest-- an annual event that garners national media coverage-- but that it ironically gave his lecture that day on Protestant religious values greater power and relevancy. Watson told the students who showed up that it was the Protestant Work Ethic that made America great and encouraged them to "live responsible and sober li[ves]... and one day become good spouse[s] and parent[s]." He told them that they would all receive extra credit for their "faithful attendance" and for "choosing to learn about responsibility, instead of blowing smoke in the quad."

Lunchtime links: Save vets now! A big f-ing deal for Betsy...

* Suicide among veterans is an epidemic. More than 6,000 per year. Roughly 18 per day. Neither hawks nor doves care to deal with...

“High holiday” throng votes with feet, lungs to legalize marijuana

Despite official discouragement, roughly 10,000 people gathered yesterday at Norlin Quadrangle, a large field in the center of the University of Colorado Boulder campus, to rally for legalization of marijuana by smoking massive quantities altogether in the open air.

Marijuana advocates converge on Boulder to “liberate the leaf”

Today is April 20th, or 4/20, the so-called High Holiday organized to advance legalization of marijuana in the U.S. The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) hosted a forum at the University of Colorado Boulder this weekend and is following with the annual "smoke out" on Norlin Quadrangle at 4:20 p.m. today, which is expected to draw thousands.
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