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Carroll to target groups like Western Tradition with disclosure bill

In the wake of a flood of untraceable 501(c)4 funds pouring into 527 political groups such as the Western Tradition Partnership in this month's general election, state Sen. Morgan Carroll, D-Aurora, said she is working to make Colorado the first state in the nation to compel the nonprofit "social welfare" groups to disclose political donations to 527s.

Shadowy 527 running ads attacking Bennet

A newly-organized 527 group with dubious origins is running factually inaccurate radio ads against Sen. Michael Bennet (D). The group, called New Leadership For Colorado,...

Political payback? Posting of McInnis 527 comment could be conservative GOP...

Former six-term Republican congressman Scott McInnis, who’s all but announced he intends to run for the governor’s office in 2010, may be getting some payback for taking on the conservative base of the state party just before the 2008 election.

Energy-funded 527 targets Garfield County Commission race

A 527 group funded by an oil and gas company is slumming in a down-ticked race for Garfield County Commission, according to the Aspen Daily News, a sure sign of just how much money is at stake in the natural-gas fields west of Glenwood Springs.
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