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Anatomy of a ‘stolen election’: Ex-Garfield County judge still seething

It’s been nearly eight months since former Garfield County Judge Steve Carter says he was ambushed by oil and gas money in his unsuccessful bid for county commissioner, but the Democrat is clearly still seething about what he considers a “stolen election.”

Energy issues could trip up Western Slope Dems in 2010

A mineral royalty rights meeting that turned ugly in Grand Junction earlier this month is just a small taste of what’s coming for local and state Democrats running for re-election in 2010 on Colorado’s Western Slope, according to one lawmaker.

Garfield County Dems lament energy-industry influence in local races

John Martin was a cop the last time an energy boom went bust in Garfield County. The Republican county commissioner who was reelected by a scant 350-vote margin Tuesday says those were dark days in the 1980s, and he’s determined not to repeat them.
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