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Colorado GOP donors fly below the radar with maze of 527...

In Colorado, organizing, infrastructure and fundraising within the Democratic Party and progressive organizations are the stuff of legend. The story of how liberal mega-millionaires and single-minded cooperation on the left turned this formerly solid red state to purple and blue have been told and retold for years. The story of coordination among conservatives groups, however, and the way millions of dollars each election cycle slosh to candidates and causes on the right has received relatively scant attention.

Proposal to limit school board campaign cash likely doomed

There once was a time--you know it's true--when school board candidates in Colorado hoped to raise enough money for yard signs and a flyer to hand out or leave at doors. Times have changed.

Ugly attack mailer battle moves to House District 34

A smear war waging between independent political groups has moved south from House District 50, which includes Greeley on the northern Front Range, to House District 34, just north of Denver. The similarly named groups, Accountability for Colorado on the left and Colorado Citizens for Accountable Government on the right, have sent out ugly mailers the last few weeks stretching the truth to the breaking point.

Bennet dismisses Romanoff campaign finance challenge

DENVER-- U.S. Senator Michael Bennet and his Democratic primary rival Andrew Romanoff met for a debate in Denver last night. There wasn't much debate. The main area of disagreement came when Romanoff challenged Bennet to decline to accept Political Action Committee, or special interest, campaign money. The challenge was expected. Romanoff, who has lagged seriously behind Bennet in fundraising for half a year, announced in January that he was eschewing PAC money. The campaign had returned PAC money it received in the fall. Bennet dismissed the challenge on stage and he dismissed it more fully in comments he made to the Colorado Independent after the debate ended. He characterized the challenge as not fully considered and opportunistic. He also said it was unrealistic, given the price tag of a political race where Republican rivals were unlikely to voluntarily limit their fundraising abilities.

Dick Wadhams, Wally Stealey trade barbs over 527s at Vail water...

Colorado Republican State Chairman Dick Wadhams sparred with influential lobbyist Wally Stealey in Vail Friday over the negative campaigning of independent political committees, campaign finance reform and the disaffection of voters with their respective political parties.

The Trailhead Treads On

Sure the 2006 elections are over and things didn't go so well for the much-ballyhooed 527, Trailhead Group. In fact, the Denver Post even...

The Last Trailhead Standing

I expired in January. My name, that is. After reserving the Trailhead Group, LLC with the Secretary of State last year because no one else had,...

Senate Committee OKs 527 Bill

A bill that would create disclosure requirements for 527 committees passed the Senate State, Veterans and Military Affairs committee today on a party-line vote...

Committee OKs 527 Bill

A bill that would create disclosure requirements for 527 committees sailed through the House State Affairs Committee Thursday morning on a vote of 9-1....
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