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‘Right-to-work’ gets trampled in Colorado

On Election Day, Colorado voters decided against Amendment 47, a contentious “right-to-work” measure that sought to restrict the way unions organized in the state. It has been more than three decades since such a proposal was actually defeated on the ballot.

Election Day Q&A on fans, foes of Amendment 47

The Colorado Independent posed three questions to proponents and opponents of Amendment 47, a so-called right to work initiative that would restrict what way labor organizes in the state, by banning collective bargaining agreements between unions and businesses that require minimal agency fees from nonmember employees who receive union-negotiated benefits in the workplace.

Union campaign spends $4.6 million on media blitz, political stakes go...

A Colorado labor union raised more than $3.2 million in the last two weeks for a campaign to support two ballot proposals regulating safe business practices and to oppose a "right-to-work" measure supported by pro-business interests. Nearly all of the money has been committed to purchase media advertisements across the state in what appears to be an unprecedented pull-out-all-the-stops campaign by the union.

Labor, business ballot fight heating up

Unions and business groups in Colorado are preparing for what now seems to be an inevitable ballot war between the two political titans, with one side opposing a measure that would restrict the way unions organize and the other side determined to fight two labor-backed amendments regulating employer conduct.

‘Right-To-Work’ Initiative Certified for Ballot

The Colorado Secretary of State's Office announced today that a proposed "right-to-work" measure will be on the 2008 ballot after state officials found that...

Colorado Labor Battle Debuts On Web

A week after supporters of a "right-to-work" ballot proposal announced the creation of their campaign Web site, opponents of the measure have also taken...
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